Animated Explainer Videos


What Are Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

We all know the cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A whiteboard explainer video is designed to communicate more than words alone can say, in a warm and charming way. It effectively uses sketched images and other graphic elements to answer questions, teach a skill, illustrate a process or sell a product.

Animated whiteboard videos are extremely popular because they’re almost mesmerizing to watch. A hand-held pen sketches cartoon images on a white background. Accompanied by narration and a music bed, a story unfolds before our eyes. Usually short, snappy and fun, these videos make a strong impression and integrate fantastically with your company’s overall marketing plan.


Is a Whiteboard Explainer Video Right for Your Business?

As you consider your marketing and promotion plans, you have to match the right tools with the right job. While it may not be the appropriate choice in every case, producing a whiteboard video is especially useful when:

  • You’re presenting a complex (or boring) subject. When the product or process you want to describe is very detailed, technical or just has a lot of interrelated ideas to keep straight, a whiteboard explainer can convey all the information while maintaining interest.
  • You have a story to tell. Whiteboard animation does a great job of telling a sequential story for your brand, because viewers see it develop step by step. They can’t wait to see the next frame!
  • You want to inject a little humor. Why should your message always be so straight-laced? Sure, you’re a credible company, but you want to be likable, too. Because of its cartoon-like format, you can show more personality in a whiteboard video than you can with live presenters.
  • You’re looking to simplify production. Whiteboard animation gives you the benefits of motion video without the hassle of hiring actors and booking shooting locations. And much faster delivery times, to boot. All of this means cost savings to you.
  • You’re heavily into social media marketing. Whiteboard explainer videos are so popular, they can dramatically increase your chance of getting clicks and conversions.