VIDEO: How To Sell On Social

Tired of putting time and effort into your business’ social media page, without seeing any real results? You might be selling TOO MUCH on social! There is a better way, and most people won’t do it. That’s why, there are HUGE REWARDS for those that follow these best practices for selling on social.

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VIDEO: Why DIY Animation Is A Bad Idea

Just because you can buy the tools to do something yourself, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea! In this video, we discuss why it’s far better to hire an expert to create an explainer video for you, and how with JumpStart Video, it’s about the same cost in the end!

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How To Make Training Videos Fun

Training in your organization is no easy task. Getting your team and employees to actually want to participate can be even more challenging. Employee engagement has been in decline for some time, with fewer than 5% of HR professionals saying

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Create Better Training Videos

As a manager, HR pro, leadership and development director or leader of a team, internal training might be the most challenging part of your job. You’re constantly trying to find ways to engage your employees in necessary and vital training,

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Sourcing Music for Your Explainer Video

to quality voiceover and sourcing your music properly. The music piece can be one of the trickiest to figure out though. Where do find you quality, royalty-free music? How do you know that’s it’s being sourced correctly? And that it’s

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Why Use Characters In Your Explainer Video?

If you’ve started the process of creating an animated explainer video, your head is probably spinning! You may be asking yourself things like… What is my main message?  How should I convey it?  What will resonate with my audience? Which

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Writing a Good Explainer Video Script

When it comes to marketing, story is king! No matter how flashy your animation, amazing your colors, and revolutionary your design, if the story isn’t on point, no one will care. That’s exactly why, here at Jump Start Video, we

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