Broadening Your eLearning Audience

eLearning or, digital learning, has opened up the possibility of learning almost anything, anywhere. Companies offer sessions on everything from software training for business to writing fiction as a hobby to learning a new language for college credit. Websites and mobile applications deliver content in text, video, and audio formats.

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Who eLearning Benefits The Most

Technology’s ability to connect us globally and teach us virtually anything we need to know, right from the comfort of our own homes, creates some pretty cool opportunities. The amazing thing about eLearning is that its benefits don’t stop at just the traditional model of a school or student education.

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Why eLearning is the Future of Education

It’s safe to say that the last few months have changed how we look at online-based teaching, potentially permanently, as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced educators everywhere to switch their classrooms online. Although eLearning is new to many teachers, traditional classroom education was far from the only option for learning,

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Create More Effective Training With Video

Onboarding, training, and development are key to retaining your employees. But these can also be expensive endeavors with mixed results that may leave you wondering if it was really worth it. Most of the costs of in-person training go towards the trainer fees, travel, and lodging and not the training

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VIDEO: Why you should use characters in your videos

Characters are a key component in our culture because they provide personality and they really, in a lot of ways, make it more relatable, whatever it is, the message to buy a product, to use a service, make life easier, improve your health, your wellbeing, all these things. Characters are what draw people in. And so, today, I want to give you three reasons that characters are important in storytelling and therefore important in our videos.

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VIDEO: Adding Closed Captions to Your Videos with SRT Files

Today we’re going to be talking about SRT files discussing what they are, how we can use them, and why they are important. And really the subtext of this video is, why are closed captions important because SRT files also known as sub rip text files are what we upload to make sure that closed captions appear on the bottom of our video when the sound is muted. Now we’ve talked about in previous videos why this is important because it really widens your audience to those that are hearing impaired.

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VIDEO: Video Marketing During the Coronavirus

Whether you work for a company that has 5,000 people or just five people on the team, it’s time to change the way you communicate, it’s changed the way that you reach your customers, it’s the changed way you execute and do your job every single day, and I believe they’re gonna be lasing changes that stick with us long after this time. What will your new normal be as it pertains to your online video marketing? What you decided today could carry you into a prosperous or disastrous future!

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VIDEO: Why Video is More Powerful Than Text

Today, I wanna share with you something that is probably the tenet or the cornerstone of why we have a business and why video is the wisest choice for your marketing dollars and time in the future. And that is we’re gonna talk about why video is more powerful than written text. Now, for years, the written word dominated the media landscape. There were magazines, newspapers, blogs, and that was the way we consumed serious information, but things began to shift about a decade ago when YouTube hit the height of its popularity.

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Video Training Is More Important Now Than Ever

For many organizations, video learning has already become a big part of their training strategies. But, it has now become essential for every single one of us, given our current climate. Even if you haven’t jumped into the video learning world before, you’re quickly realizing that it is something you’re

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Video and Training in the Midst of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed our world in the present and we’ll likely feel it’s effects for years to come. Everything from how mass gatherings are regulated, to remote work options, to our overall health and safety is likely to change. And with social distancing comes the necessity for most workers to

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eLearning Video Mistakes to Avoid

Creating videos for your eLearning course is crucial in getting your audience interested, engaged, and communicating your content in an effective way. But not all eLearning videos are created equal. There are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid to make your eLearning videos the most effective that they can

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Utilizing Animated Explainer Videos in Your eLearning Course

Creating an eLearning course that is the right combination of information, entertainment, training, and fun is no easy task! You want the students in your course to learn as much as possible while being fully engaged and entertained at the same time. Incorporating animated explainer videos is the perfect way

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The Power of Captions in Your Animated Videos

Your daily social media scroll is probably filled with video after video. But you probably don’t know what a lot of these videos are talking about half the time. The reason for this is simple. Most of us scroll social media when we’re bored, killing time or are waiting for

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What’s Your One Big Domino?

The idea is this, for all of us there’s one domino that if we knock that over, it will start a chain of events that will knock over domino after domino after domino, and lead us to the eventual success that we’re seeking. Whether that’s a purchase, a conversion, scheduling a conversation, someone visiting a website.

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