eLearning Video Mistakes to Avoid

Creating videos for your eLearning course is crucial in getting your audience interested, engaged, and communicating your content in an effective way. But not all eLearning videos are created equal. There are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid to make your eLearning videos the most effective that they can

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Utilizing Animated Explainer Videos in Your eLearning Course

Creating an eLearning course that is the right combination of information, entertainment, training, and fun is no easy task! You want the students in your course to learn as much as possible while being fully engaged and entertained at the same time. Incorporating animated explainer videos is the perfect way

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The Power of Captions in Your Animated Videos

Your daily social media scroll is probably filled with video after video. But you probably don’t know what a lot of these videos are talking about half the time. The reason for this is simple. Most of us scroll social media when we’re bored, killing time or are waiting for

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What’s Your One Big Domino?

The idea is this, for all of us there’s one domino that if we knock that over, it will start a chain of events that will knock over domino after domino after domino, and lead us to the eventual success that we’re seeking. Whether that’s a purchase, a conversion, scheduling a conversation, someone visiting a website.

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Why the Quality of Your Training Videos Matters

Training videos. Two words that HR reps, managers and employees alike all dread. Training videos are notoriously boring, difficult to create and hard to get people to actually watch. But, the reality is that training videos are crucial to the development and growth of your team and company. Although the

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VIDEO: The “10 to 1” Rule

There’s a rule that we like to use called the 10 to one rule, or the 10 to one ratio. And here’s how that works. The rule is, for every 10 pieces of content that you create, that are value based, you can create one piece of content that sells or makes an official ask, we call this a call to action, or drawing somebody to do something specific.

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VIDEO: How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most powerful tools that’s on the internet today. Did you know it’s the second, second largest search engine behind Google. YouTube is a great way to reach an audience, and if you didn’t realize it, there are millions of people watching YouTube videos right now

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Increase Employee Engagement with Animated Videos

Engaging employees in training, organizational change or even just small, simple improvements can be tricky. Employee engagement is what every manager, HR rep, and leader wants to see in their organization, with 71% of executives saying that it is critical to the success of their business. But — it’s not

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VIDEO: Benefits of Working With a Small Agency

Today, we’re going to be talking about the benefits of using a smaller agency. That’s because we here at Jump Start Video consider ourselves a small creative agency. There’s only five, count us, five of us right now at the date we are recording this, in January 2020.

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VIDEO: How To Sell On Social

Tired of putting time and effort into your business’ social media page, without seeing any real results? You might be selling TOO MUCH on social! There is a better way, and most people won’t do it. That’s why, there are HUGE REWARDS for those that follow these best practices for selling on social.

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VIDEO: Why DIY Animation Is A Bad Idea

Just because you can buy the tools to do something yourself, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea! In this video, we discuss why it’s far better to hire an expert to create an explainer video for you, and how with JumpStart Video, it’s about the same cost in the end!

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3 Ways To Market Your Real Estate Business

When you decided to become a real estate agent, you probably didn’t realize the many hats you would be required to wear. From being an expert on the current landscape of the market to being a pseudo therapist as you walk clients through a huge decision-making process, to knowing how

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