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JumpStart Video is a 100% US-Based creative agency specializing in explainer videos and video marketing materials for a wide range of applications. Our video and animation staff actively work with clients to produce strategic and engaging video content in an array of styles.  We are also locally owned, right here in the heart of America.

Boost Your Marketing with Original Motion Graphics Videos

JumpStart Video brings the top-level power of video marketing to the small, locally-owned businesses across America. We produce explainer videos and marketing materials in a variety of styles, subjects, and uses.

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Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are brief marketing videos that describe your business, the products you sell or the services you provide. They use eye-catching graphics and voice-over narration to introduce your company to the online audience, giving it a strong identity much more immediately than static media forms.

Explainer Videos, Motion Graphics & Animated Videos

Explain it Visually

Animation Videos

Whether you want to explain a concept or promote your business, product or service, let us bring your message to life with custom animation. Our creative team lets you deliver your topic with direction and style, rendering high quality animated videos…

in varied design techniques and formats. Animated videos, ranging from informative explainer videos to voice-over-narrated 2D animations bring your marketing or promotional content to life.

Whiteboard videos are a popular choice for characterizing information for an explainer video. Explainer videos serve to explain concepts in a logical progression, alongside…

active whiteboard illustrations. JumpStart Video’s design and video editing teams produce crisply illustrated, professionally narrated whiteboard videos to inform your audience. We specialize in creating voiceover audio and project production editing to elevate the presentation of our explainer videos and to make sure they effectively inform about the topic.

Motion graphics works, designed with modern color, are also frequently applied to explainer videos and promotional videos. Modern color animated videos are created with…

the goal of maximizing viewer impact. JumpStart Video pairs element-driven, fluid content with the information you want to present.

Our 2D character style animated videos are an excellent medium for the promotion of your business, product, or service. Thoughtful character design and expressive animation…

allow our 2D motion graphics videos to portray real-life scenarios and connect with your audience. Audio and voice-over editing are the final touches we apply to compose a creative, engaging animated video and meet your specific needs.

Whiteboard explainer videos

The whiteboard explainer format is one of the most universal types of video marketing around. With its clean design and clear concept, it’s easy to understand the whiteboard’s continuing popularity among small and large businesses.

Modern color animation

A strong piece of online video content can launch a fledgling business, redefine and strengthen an existing business’s reputation, or even unexpectedly go viral. It takes a unique combination of entertainment, popular appeal and know-how to make any of those marketing scenarios happen.

2D Character Animation

The popularity of 2D or cutout animation—especially with the rise of advanced graphics software—has never been higher, especially for businesses. More than just the “flatter” cousin of 3D animation, 2D offers a huge variety of messaging and storytelling possibilities that engage and attract a diverse number of online users.

Your Message, Our Talent

Spokesperson Videos

Spokesperson videos are an effective way to market your brand, company, product or service. With our professional on-screen talent, we create commercials, product showcase videos, and more featuring your custom message. Reach your audience and achieve your branding goals with support from our thoughtfully produced spokesperson videos.

spokesperson videos your message our talent
video production professional & personal

Professional & Personal

Video Production

With years of experience and professional gear, we can shoot at your location, with your people to create something truly great!  JumpStart’s video production team provides editing and formatting assistance and our on-site support makes it easy for our clients to achieve streamlined results at a competitive rate.


Choose a team you can trust

We’re different than large creative agencies…ON PURPOSE! With our small and talented team of US-based creatives, we offer outstanding quality at a much lower cost and shorter turnaround time than most others. We value people and pride ourselves on providing an unmatched level of personal service. 

We are actively engaged in the creation of your animated videos from start to finish. Our services encompass a full range of animated video creation, motion graphics video production, and editing strategies to produce a professional result.       

Do-it-yourself animation programs may offer a selection of tools for video production, but we provide the technical and creative muscle, assisting our clients with voiceover sourcing, scripting, and animation mechanics. Our highly responsive team is always prepared to answer client questions and uphold the client’s vision for the delivery of the content. Additionally, our approach to creating video content is standardized based on team experience and the most effective plan for delivering the topic of your video.

JumpStart’s video production and animation staff value exceptional customer service, and are happy to maintain contact with clients and apply client-requested edits to create a seamless, finalized video. Our competitive pricing, paired with our skills and service values, ensure a satisfying experience for our clients.


Our 5-Step Process

We follow the same 5-Step Process on every single project to help us better understand your needs and create the video you are looking for! We approach each project strategically, and our standardized process allows us to build your animated video from the ground up. We apply the techniques required to produce quality motion works and animated videos, with modern color and voiceover editing support available. Each step allows us to take an organized approach in designing both informative explainer videos and promotional animated content with a fast turnaround.


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